REVEALED: The exact estates in Milton Keynes with the most coronavirus cases

    New data from Public Health England has shown the exact areas in Milton Keynes which have had the most positive coronavirus tests recorded.

    The data shows the locations for tests with a specimen date between August 2nd and August 8th, during which time 22 positive coronavirus tests were recorded in Milton Keynes.

    Of these, 5 were recorded within the 'Bradwell Common area', which includes Heelands and Rooksley. This was the area with the highest number of cases in Milton Keynes during the time period.

    Four of the positive cases were recorded in the 'Westcroft and Shenley Brook End' area, which also includes Kingsmead and parts of Shenley Lodge.

    And three were recorded in the 'Wolverton and New Bradwell' area.

    All other areas of Milton Keynes saw between zero and two positive cases each during the week.

    Public Health England do not reveal exact case numbers for estates with fewer than three positive cases each.

    It comes as Milton Keynes Council Leader Pete Marland has urged extra vigilance as a rise in local COVID-19 positive cases has raised concerns.

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