REVEALED: Over half of drivers failed their test at Milton Keynes' test centre, new figures show

    Figures have revealed just how tough it is to pass a driving test in Milton Keynes, as over half of those who participated had failed.

    These hard-hitting figures, released by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), mean that Milton Keynes' local test centre is the toughest place in the whole county to get that heavily desired pass.

    From April to December 2020, the pass rate at the Bletchley Test Centre stood at just 41.5%. 

    Just 950 people out of 2,288 passed their test, and the remaining 1,338 people failed - which is over half (58.5%) of those who paid for the test.

    The 40-minute tests, which cost £62, are made up of five parts including independent driving across Milton Keynes, alongside performing a manoeuvre. 

    The latest figures show that females were more likely to fail their test, as out of 1,153 people just 458 passed (39.7%).

    Men did slightly better, but the pass rate was still incredibly low. 1,135 men took their test at Bletchley Test Centre, and just 492 of those passed (43.3%). 

    When comparing the figures to the other test centres in Buckinghamshire, Bletchley Test Centre has the lowest pass rate. 

    Aylesbury had a pass rate of 55.1% and High Wycombe had a pass rate of 52.5%.

    The latest data shows that the highest pass rates are in remote areas, including small towns in the quiet corners of Scotland.

    As Milton Keynes is a busy area, and one of the fastest-growing cities in the UK, drivers are more likely to be faced with obstacles - meaning there are arguably more opportunities to fail. 

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