REVEALED: First look at new Registrars at Civic Offices as Bletchley site set for closure

    Image: Milton Keynes Council

    Milton Keynes Council have released the first photo of the Flowers Suite at the new registrars at the Civic Offices in the City Centre.

    MKFM recently revealed that the current registry office at Bracknell House in Bletchley was set to close, amid a backlash from local residents.

    But now a photo of the new 80 seater Flowers Suite at the Civic Offices have been released to the public for the first time.

    Commenting on the release, local resident Hannah said: "It will appeal to some but many would rather have a more traditional space, like the one in Bletchley. Yeah, it was dated decor-wise but it has beautiful grounds and could have been modernised slightly. I think it’s a shame - I got married in Bletchley and wouldn’t have considered the new room - it’s like a Year 11 prom venue."

    But some residents were in support of the change, including Jackie who said: "Surprised to see all the negative comments here from just a picture, plus complaints about a lack of garden when it’s clear there will be one for photos. And how it will be too cold. I think it looks great but no-one is forcing people to get married here if they don’t want to."

    It was recently announced that from October 1st, all ceremonies would move to the Civic Offices in Central Milton Keynes from the current Bracknell House.

    Council officials say that two new ceremony rooms will be available, perfect for both small and large ceremonies.

    Photographs of the new Celebration Suite are set to be unveiled soon.

    You can check out a high quality version of the photograph below:

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