Residents launch campaign in bid to stop huge warehouse development on village doorstep

    Residents have been campaigning against development proposals which could see nine warehouses built outside a Milton Keynes village.

    Residents have been rallying together to oppose a planned warehouse development at the A5/A508 roundabout between Cosgrove and Old Stratford. 

    The proposals, sent to West Northamptonshire Council, include nine warehouses, five storeys high, with the applicants stating that the surrounding land would then be made into a country park.

    Wetland zones, ephemeral pools and wet woodland scrub areas will be included in the country park, applicants Frontier Estates state.

    So far, hundreds of objections have been posted on the West Northamptonshire Council planning portal, including concerns from the Environment Agency.

    Concerned residents have formed the Furtho Development Opposition Group stating that the plans 'show no concern for those who live within a five mile radius who will be most impacted by the development.'

    A website has been launched named Stop 3000 Trucks, with the group saying that the plans could see 3000 trucks on the A5, A508 and A422 per day.

    "We are lobbying Parish Councils some of which are already supporting us and objecting to the development. West Northamptonshire Council are aware of objections from the public, various agencies and other organisations. Dame Andrea Leadsom, MP, who wholeheartedly supports our campaign,  has raised her constituents' concerns with Government Departments," the group say.

    "The development as proposed is wholly unacceptable and we need support, financial and other, to get it stopped or at least changed."

    Residents can view the plans here.

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