Residents delighted as popular butchers in Olney announces it will reopen following closure announcement

    A well-loved butcher shop in Olney has today (1/9) announced that it will reopen this Friday after the announcement of its closure.

    A popular butcher shop in Olney last week left residents 'devastated' after announcing it was no longer able to keep up with the rising cost of the electricity bill.

    A spokesperson announced the news on the Olney Butchers Facebook Page on 24th August, stating the store would be closing on 31st August.

    To residents delight, the store has now said it will be reopening on Friday following a take over from the business. 

    The post on Facebook stated: "Last weeks devastating news that Olney Butchers was to permanently close its doors shocked us as much as I’m sure it did you!

    "We have been in the trade for a number of years and currently have two shops and a wholesale division within Buckinghamshire and are fully aware of the turbulent times within many industries, ours included.

    "We are a family run company that prides itself with providing the local community with top quality meat underpinned with fantastic service.

    "Both my son and I thought long and hard but came to the conclusion that Olney really fits into our ethos and the town deserves to have a independent butchers and so we have agreed with Graham to take over the business from closure and reopen on Friday.

    "This is a very nervy time and a risky decision but we believe your community will support us in our drive and determination to maintain a butchers in the town.

    "I’m sure you will all be delighted at this news and with the added bonus that we have managed to maintain the current staff," they wrote.

    "So please help us pay the electric bill and come on down and say hello, tell a friend in town as we all know a good old gossip is the best way for news to spread.

    "And if we may put a call out to any local public houses,restaurants, care homes, schools, sports clubs etc please give the shop a call to discuss if we can assist you with your meat requirements."

    The news of the announced closure came as new reports had suggested that average household energy bills could top £5,300 in April next year.

    On Friday, a local food blogger, Sophie etc, who runs a local guide to independent foodies, wrote a letter to Ben Everitt, MP for Milton Keynes North and Iain Stewart, MP for Milton Keynes South urging them to step in.

    It followed the closure of Olney Butchers and Fenny Kitchen. 

    "After seeing two small businesses in MK close this week due to the rising energy costs, I am angry," Sophie wrote. "So I wrote a letter."

    You can read the full letter and the response from the MPs here:

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