Residents call for action over drug dealing in Milton Keynes

    Drug dealing and anti-social behaviour is making residents’ lives a misery in some parts of Milton Keynes.

    The situation has become so bad that a delegation of residents from Oxley Park and a campaigner from Tattenhoe went to Milton Keynes Council on Wednesday to demand action.

    Sumeet Gupta, from Oxley Gardens, was part of a delegation, and he presented a petition to the council.

    “We need a lot of support from you guys,” says Mr Gupta. “It’s creating a lot of misery.”

    He described how problems were centred on one property and had included police cordons, ‘frantic’ police chases, and people trying to break into homes and sheds.

    “We can definitely see drug dealing, it happens in front of our eyes. Obviously it has created an impact which is not right for our kids or ourselves. Our request is that you take urgent action.”

    The petition was not debated but will be passed to the ruling cabinet for their attention.

    Later in the evening, campaigner James Lancaster  asked a question on the subject of anti-social behaviour in Oxley Park and Tattenhoe.

    Mr Lancaster asks, “Are residents’ pleas going to fall on deaf ears, and what is the council going to do to reassure the people here and also the people in communities to feel safe?

    “Can you reassure that steps will be taken to tackle anti-social behaviour in 2019? No one wants another year like this.”

    Cllr Hannah O’Neill, the cabinet member responsible for healthier and stronger communities, said there had been successes against a backdrop of falling numbers of police officers.

    “We have closed one property and had 3,500 young people going through workshops on preventing knife crime,” she says. In addition she said the council had earmarked £250,000 to support the police on anti-social behaviour in Milton Keynes.

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