Residents are being encouraged to nominate a significant date to be engraved at the Milton Keynes Rose

    Milton Keynes Rose

    Residents are being encouraged to put forward significant dates that will be permanently featured on a pillar at the Milton Keynes Rose.

    The Milton Keynes Rose, located at Campbell Park, is fast becoming one of Milton Keynes’ most photographed locations.

    It features 106 pillars that have been positioned in the shape of a flower, with 40 of the pillars remaining without an engraving to ensure that future events and significant dates can be permanently marked.

    In 2020, the new pillars that were unveiled included World Refugee Day in June when Milton Keynes celebrated the welcome at the heart of our community; National Volunteers Week recognising the importance of volunteering; and a COVID-19 pillar to remember people who have lost their lives, those left behind and all who have served selflessly during the pandemic.

    Nominations are now being put forward for new pillar dedications. Every two years, a pillar panel meets to look at new suggestions coming forward from the community to grow and expand what’s remembered or celebrated.

    New pillar engravings will take place in 2022. If you can think of a date significant in the lives of people or organisations associated with Milton Keynes past or present, with reasons for your nomination please send this to

    The closing date for nominations is Friday 7th May 2021.

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