Reports that vandals have smashed cash points over Christmas

    Milton Keynes residents are reporting that a series of cash machines in the area have been 'smashed' over the festive period.

    MKFM listeners have told us that they have had to spend up to an hour driving around town to find a cash machine which is working normally. Machines at Westcroft (Morrisons), Emerson Valley (One Stop), Shenley Brook End (Tesco), Furzton (Tesco) and Oxley Park (Tesco) have all been reported as being out of order.

    One member of the public told us that the cash points have the word ''Slave'' sprayed on them.

    Meanwhile, MKFM listener Hazel Banting said: "The machine at Furzton Tesco has been covered up by the staff in shop but you can see through the sides that it's been smashed to pieces." 

    If you have come across a vandalised cash point, please email or contact us via our website.

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