Reports of anti-social behaviour targeted at Eastern European Community in Bletchley

    Reports of anti-social behaviour incidents against the Eastern European Community in Bletchley are currently being investigated by the Police.

    Local officers have reported that they are working closely with Milton Keynes Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour team to crack down on the incidents.

    In a statement to MKFM, Thames Valley Police said “This type of attitude and behaviour will not be tolerated, regardless of the age of the perpetrators.”

    “Members of the public should not have to suffer persistent abuse, racially motivated or otherwise, and we urge anyone who is experiencing (or knows someone else who is experiencing) persistent anti-social behaviour to call 101.”

    In addition to Police action, the Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour team have said they are able to assist private landlords in dealing with tenants that are clearly in breach of tenancy agreements.

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