Regeneration project of a Milton Keynes estate is taking its first baby steps

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    A multi-million pound regeneration project involving the building of 369 new homes and the demolition of around 58 properties is taking baby steps towards a planning application.

    Residents of Fullers Slade, in Milton Keynes, voted for the regeneration of their estate in a heavily contested and controversial ballot six months ago, and now the council is beginning the process of drawing up a plan.

    Milton Keynes Council leader Pete Marland is next week due to decide to build a team of specialist consultants. A cost has been set at £1.4 million, although this is subject to a separate decision.

    MK Council has earmarked March 2021 as the year when the application will be submitted to the council’s own development control team.

    Council officers have put together a report in advance of next week’s decision to be made by Cllr Marland (Lab, Wolverton).

    “Milton Keynes Council does not have the resources in-house to
    deliver these services,” the report notes.

    So they are wanting to buy in the services for design, engineering, energy, transport, ecology and landscaping, among others.

    They add that they want to appoint consultants who share the council’s view on increasing skills of residents in the estate and on using suppliers who will benefit the economy of MK.

    The council has also made a commitment to local residents to consult them during the process, including on the appointments. They’ve pinpointed this August for the appointments to be made.

    Cllr Marland said the consultation would involve “all the community” and a range of groups.

    He said: “It is important that we get the consultation right on the design work, and while the steering group will obviously play a leading role, the council will involve all the community and a range of groups in the next phase of the plans.”

    Next week’s decision to buy in a design team will be broadcast live on the council’s YouTube channel.

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