Refurbished Milton Keynes Bicycle Mural finally revealed

    The refurbished much-loved bicycle mural now sits by Aldi in Stantonbury in its original form.

    In 2019, supermarket owner Aldi was given permission to build a new 1,790 square metre store at the Stantonbury local centre, in Purbeck. 

    The historic much-loved bicycle mural sat on the wall of the previous derelict shopping centre and many local councillers, art campaigners and neighbours fought tooth and nail at various planning meetings to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on securing the future of the mural.

    Ideas to save the mural included laying it flat and at one stage there was even a plan to remove it, cut it up into blocks and use them across the Stantonbury International School site. But that was removed amid an uproar.

    Milton Keynes Council worked with MK Forum and MK Public Arts Trust to ensure that the mural was retained in it's upright position within the development as Aldi built the new store on the site.

    This week, 5 months after the opening of the new Aldi store, the refurbished mural has finally been revealed in it's new location.

    With it's original tiles and history, the refurbished mural now sits by Aldi in it's upright position to many local's delight.

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