Redways the safest option despite recent attack

    Peter Marland says the council will continue to make improvements to the underpasses in Milton Keynes.

    Milton Keynes Council and Police remind residents that using the Redways is still the safest option.

    Following a recent attack on the Redways, Police and Milton Keynes Council are reminding residents not to take the risk of crossing the grid roads in Milton Keynes.

    A number of teenagers have died in recent years by not using the Redways and underpasses.

    Peter Marland, leader of the council says, “The Redways are safe, we do understand that people have misconceptions about the risks, so we are looking to improve lighting and overgrown bushes, but the danger of crossing a grid road is much greater.”

    Commenting about the recent attack he continues, “Any crime is horrible and this must have been a terrible experience for the victim. We are lucky that for a city the size of MK crimes like this are very rare “

    Thames Valley Police added that residents should follow the advice on their website on how to stay safe.

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