Redevelopment of YMCA Milton Keynes site in Central MK makes significant progress

    YMCA Milton Keynes’ application to become a Registered Provider of social housing approved.

    Following confirmation from the Regulator of Social Housing, the YMCA Milton Keynes' application to become a Registered Provider of social housing [RP] has been approved.

    YMCA Milton Keynes Chief Executive, Simon Green, says “The redevelopment of our site and the building of a new, purpose designed, campus where we can provide accommodation and support for formerly homeless young people is incredibly complex”

    “Not only are there multiple land owners involved and multiple partners in the overall project – but also complex funding arrangements that need to be put in place. Approval of our application to become a Registered Provider is a major advance as it enables us to draw down a significant grant from Homes England, without which the new development could not have progressed.”

    YMCA Milton Keynes has ambitious plans to build a new purpose designed eight storey campus building on part of the site it currently occupies in Central Milton Keynes. The new development will provide accommodation for 196 residents, 50 more than at present, together with improved training and meeting rooms for the delivery of its engagement, support and learning programme, and a number of units for social enterprises that will provide work experience, training and employment opportunities for some residents and an independent income for the charity, to fund its activities.

    “This news is the successful culmination of more than two years work by the team at YMCA Milton Keynes led by Simon”, said chair of trustees, Cheryl Montgomery “and moves us ever closer to being able to provide a modern, well equipped, building where we can accommodate and support some of the most vulnerable young people in our community and help them to turn their lives around.”

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