Prime Minister Theresa May praises work of local MK Snap charity

    The Prime Minister Theresa May has tweeted her support of the MK SNAP charity in Milton Keynes, along with praising local MP Iain Stewart for his support of their work.

    In a message about the charity, the Prime Minister tweeted: "The work of Milton Keynes-based charity MK Snap is championed by local MP Iain Stewart. They provide jobs and life skills training for adults with learning and physical disabilities in their area - thank you for all that you do!"

    MK Snap offers professional support to learners with a range of learning difficulties and challenges. The type and extent of difficulties experienced by MK Snap learners varies greatly.

    Examples of learners who can benefit from the charity include those with issues related to behavioural/social, communication, expressing themselves or understanding and processing what others say, reading and writing (e.g. dyslexia), number work or understanding information as well as concentrating (such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

    A statement on the MK Snap website describes their work: "Learners who come to MK Snap feel like part of a big family. They make new friends, and are well supported by our dedicated team of staff."

    "MK Snap looks at the needs of each individual learner and encourages them to get involved in subjects and courses which interest them."

    "If you are thinking of joining us at MK Snap, we invite you to come along and visit us. This allows you the time to see if Snap is the right place for you. The staff will chat to you and learn a bit more about you. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and we can advise you as to whether MK Snap is right for you."

    "Every learner at MK Snap is assigned a keyworker. They will get to know you and will be there to support and guide you. The staff at MK Snap are passionate about making a difference and will always do their best to make you feel part of the Snap family."

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