Premier Inn completes construction of 180-bedroom hotel in Milton Keynes

    Construction of the new 180-bedroom hotel on Avebury Boulevard, which includes a Bar + Block steakhouse restaurant, has been completed.

    Developed in partnership with Dominvs Group, the 10-storey 180-bedroom hotel and restaurant will generate between 75 and 80 new jobs when it opens. 

    The practical completion was achieved as work continued during lockdown. Additional on-site measures and working practices were introduced to protect workers and the general public and ensure social distancing.  

    With building work now complete, Whitbread will start fitting out the interiors of the hotels and Bar + Block restaurants with the site expected to open in autumn 2020.  

    Lee Saywack, Development Director at Dominvs Group, said: “We are extremely pleased with the success of our first partnership with Whitbread. The team were able to safely overcome the challenges of restrictions introduced by COVID-19 and deliver a product we are incredibly proud of.

    "We look forward to working on future projects that contribute to the economic growth of local communities, especially and crucially over the next few years.” 

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