Polls are open across Milton Keynes for the UK general election

    Polls across Milton Keynes are open for residents to vote today (July 4) to elect their local MPs and choose the UK’s next government.

    Residents in Milton Keynes are being reminded to go out and vote today for their chosen local MPs and next UK government. There are elections for three parliamentary constituencies in Milton Keynes:

    • Buckingham and Bletchley
    • Milton Keynes Central
    • Milton Keynes North

    A valid photo ID is required to vote – passports and driving licences are among the accepted forms of ID.

    Polling stations are open between 7am and 10pm. You can vote as long as you are in the queue before 10pm.

    Buckingham and Bletchley includes Bletchley and Tattenhoe, alongside part of North Bucks, including Buckingham, Winslow, Great Brickhill and Quainton.

    The candidates for the Buckingham and Bletchley Constituency are:

    Callum Anderson, Labour Party

    Ray Brady, Independent

    Jordan Cattell, Reform UK

    Dominic Dyer, Liberal Democrat – For a fair deal

    Amanda Onwuemene, Green Party

    Iain Stewart, The Conservative Party Candidate

    The candidates for the Milton Keynes Central Constituency are:

    Frances Bonney, Green Party

    James Cox, Liberal Democrats – For a fair deal

    Emily Darlington, Labour Party

    David Reilly, Reform UK

    Johnny Luk, The Conservative Party Candidate

    Alfred Saint-Clair, Heritage Party – Freedom. Family. Nation.

    The candidates for the Milton Keynes North Constituency are:

    Chris Curtis, Labour Party

    Jane Anne Duckworth, Reform UK

    Ben Everitt, The Conservative Party Candidate

    Alan Francis, Green Party

    Clare Tevlin, Liberal Democrats – For a fair deal

    To find out where your local polling station is, please visit https://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/your-council-and-elections/elections-and-register-vote/uk-parliamentary-general-election-4-july

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