Police seize vehicle from 16-year-old driver in Milton Keynes

    Last week, Thames Valley Police ran a 'week of activity' to target people carrying knives and and supplying drugs around Newport Pagnell.

    In a bid to tackle knife crime and drug dealing in Newport Pagnell and surrounding areas, including the more rural areas of Milton Keynes, Thames Valley Police conducted a 'week of activity'.

    During the week of action, Thames Valley Police seized a vehicle.

    On attendance, the driver was found to be 16, meaning they had no licence and had no insurance. Police say the driver 'was a danger to everyone on the roads'

    The car also had signs of drug use inside and these items were seized as well.

    A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police said that 7 stop searches were conducted over the week, with 7 illegal items seized.

    "With help from the local community we have gathered lots of intelligence that our teams are piecing together with existing information to help plan our activity over the coming days, weeks and months," the spokesperson said.

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