Police say there has been an increase in theft from vehicles in certain Milton Keynes housing estates

    Thames Valley Police has issued a warning that there has been an 'increase' in theft from vehicles in four local estates.

    According to the police force, Old Farm Park, Monkston, Walnut Tree and Kents Hill have seen a spike in the crime. 

    Officers have since shared some advice on how to reduce becoming a victim of car crime. The tips are as follows: 

    Remove all items from your vehicle

    Most criminals are opportunists, as they take what they can when they see it. If the vehicle looks empty, the chances are they may leave it alone. Don’t leave anything on display.

    Do not leave any valuables in your car

    Make sure that all valuable items have been removed from the vehicle to deter criminals. 

    Remember to lock you doors and close your windows

    A vehicle left unlocked or with windows open is an invitation to a thief, so don’t leave your vehicle insecure.

    Always make sure you double-check that your car is locked before walking away from it.

    When at home, keep your keys away from front doors and windows

    If you have a keyless car, criminals can use devices to scan for keys and unlock your vehicle. Store your keys in signal blocker boxes or cases.

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