Police release statement clearing up rumours about alleged stabbing in Milton Keynes estate

    Police say there were a number of rumours circulating on Facebook about a stabbing on Fishermead which allegedly occurred on Thursday 18th November.

    Police have today (20/11) released a statement on Facebook following rumours that were circulating on social media.

    Police were called to Fishermead on Thursday 18th November to an incident where there was a fight between three people and say that nobody was stabbed.

    Two suspects were arrested and have been released under investigation.

    The statement reads: "There are number of rumors circulating on FB about a stabbing on Fishermead which occurred on Thursday 18th November @ 22.42hrs.

    "We would like to reassure members of the community that no stabbing has occurred. This was a report of a fight between three people, two of which were arrested at scene.

    "Both suspects have been released under investigation..... investigation is still ongoing....

    "We would like to thank the members of public who reported this to police."

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