These are the places in Milton Keynes where Police were tackling car cruising last night

    There was an increased Police presence last night across Milton Keynes, as officers aimed to tackle the recent spate of car meets and car cruising which has been taking place.

    Officers were at locations including Kingston Shopping Centre, Stacey Bushes and the South Second Street Car Park in the City Centre as they aimed to have a visible presence to deter the car cruisers.

    Police officers also said they were aiming to minimise the impact of anti social-behaviour in the locations.

    As part of the operation, Thames Valley Police are also working closely with partner agencies to prevent nuisance drivers impacting on the local community.

    Local resident Maurice Baines tweeted to say: "Really glad I'm not in The Hub anymore, that's been an indot's playground for years."

    Another resident Adam Lowe added: "Finally! Every night I am kept awake with idiots doing doughnuts and stupidly loud exhausts."

    Members of the public on Twitter have reported that they heard loud noises from both car horns and engines throughout the evening.

    Thames Valley Police reports that car meets have recently taken place at the affected locations in Milton Keynes, leading to the need for them to step up patrols.

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