Police issue important message to drivers of certain Toyota, Honda and Lexus vehicles in Milton Keynes

    Police have issued a warning to Milton Keynes motorists following an increasing number of thefts of catalytic converters.

    Offenders are most commonly targeting parked Toyota Prius, Toyota Auris, Honda Jazz, Honda Civic, Honda CRVs and Lexus RX400 vehicles.

    In many of the cases, offenders use car jacks to lift the vehicle and are able to remove the catalytic converter in a matter of minutes.

    Defensive Parking – Where possible park in your garage. If not try to park next to a high curb or other area that restricts access underneath your vehicle on the side where the exhaust is fitted.. If possible park in a well lit area or consider security lighting. When parking in a car park avoid parking at the end of a row if possible to make access more difficult for offenders.

    CCTV – Consider installing a CCTV system to cover your vehicle as a deterrent.

    Welded Bolts - If your catalytic converter is a “bolt on” it is possible to have the bolts welded shut.

    Catalytic Converter Protective Sleeves/clamps – Consider fitting a specialist protective cover or clamp to your vehicle to make life more difficult for an offender. Contact your vehicle dealership for options.

    Alarm System – Consider fitting a specific catalytic converter alarm to warn of any tamper attempts. Some alarms can send a text message to your phone and activate a siren and flashing lights. If possible choose a Thatcham approved product (www.thatcham.org). Some alarms can also provide lift and tilt detection which offer effective protection.

    Identify/etch your converter - Consider permanently marking your catalytic converter to make it less desirable for criminals to steal and sell on. The RetainaGroup offer a kit consisting of a virtually indestructible sticker, metal marking fluid and a window sticker (to warn thieves that the catalytic converter carries an identification mark). Each mark contains a seven digit code and a 24 hour telephone number for the International Security Register who store the code against vehicle details. A catalytic marking kit can be ordered from the following secure link www.retainagroup.com or by phoning 01233 333000.

    There is also further crime prevention advice on the Thames Valley Police website at www.thamesvalley.police.uk.

    If you have any information on crime, you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or Thames Valley Police on 101.

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