Police Constable given final written warning

    A Police Constable has been given a final written warning for breaching Standards of Professional Behaviour.

    PC Alan Nisbet, based at Milton Keynes, was found to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of discreditable conduct, orders and instructions and authority, respect and courtesy.

    The panel decided that PC Nisbet should be given a final written warning, which last for 18 months.

    The hearing took place in front of a panel on Thursday (30/11) and Friday (1/12) at the force’s Headquarters South in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

    On 29 April 2015 PC Nisbet attended a company in Buckinghamshire in relation to an allegation of crime.

    PC Nisbet developed a relationship with one of the company’s employees. He corresponded with her from his Thames Valley police email account. The emails were flirtatious and inappropriate, and therefore breached the Standard of Professional Behaviour in relation to Discreditable Conduct as it would be likely to bring discredit on the police service.

    Whilst PC Nisbet was pursuing a relationship with the woman, on two occasions he accessed her details on a police system called NICHE. He then shared these details with her; neither the access nor the disclosure was for a proper policing purpose.

    In accessing NICHE for no proper policing purpose and also in disclosing some of its content to the woman, PC Nisbet breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in relation to Confidentiality, Discreditable Conduct, Orders and Instructions and Authority, Respect and Courtesy.

    PC Nisbet admitted misconduct but denied gross misconduct however the panel found his actions amounted to gross misconduct.

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