You are not alone, says Milton Keynes Council leader to those struggling with mental health

    Data shows that one-third of the UK population is not coping 'well' with stress caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

    And nearly one in five people say they have been feeling lonely, according to a report by

    These statistics were published in August 2020, and now that the country has moved into a second national lockdown it is likely that the numbers will increase.

    And Milton Keynes Council Leader, Cllr Pete Marland, yesterday made an address to people in the community who are struggling with their mental health during this difficult time.

    "This week we have heard encouraging news about the potential of a vaccine," he said. "It's obviously a really positive step, however, it's not a sign that we can relax the restrictions we have in place at the moment. It's a tough period for us all right now so it's vital that you take care of yourself, especially your mental health."

    Cllr Marland spoke to those who may be struggling, whether it be with anxiety, bereavement, fear of domestic abuse, or something else.

    "If things are particularly hard right now, please know you are not alone and help is available."

    There are a number of support systems in the city for those in need. Professional help is available, through residents' GPs, also through various organisations.

    One of these organisations is Milton Keynes Talking Therapies, which is part of the national Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme and offers a range of evidence-based talking therapies delivered by trained NHS professionals.

    Due to Covid-19 these are delivered online as well as on the telephone. For details of how to refer or self-refer and more on the service, visit their website.

    Alternatively, if you someone you know needs urgent mental health support contact MK Crisis Line on 0800 023 4650 or call 999 in an emergency. 

    The Samaritans can also be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 116 123.

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