Plans to transform urban park in Central Milton Keynes

    Cllrs Nolan and Wilson-Marklew at Grafton Park.

    Work is underway to completely transform CMK’s only urban park into a wildlife haven which can be used by local residents and businesses.

    Milton Keynes City Council is working in partnership with MyMiltonKeynes and landlord MKDP to improve Grafton Park, which sits between Lower Second Street and Lower Fourth Street.

    Landscaping works have commenced to cut back overgrown bushes and trees, remove ivy, clear litter, and ultimately make the park a more attractive space.

    The water system that links the park’s five ponds has also been improved alongside ongoing flood mitigation work as the area is prone to slight flooding.

    The works form part of the longer-term aim to create a masterplan for Grafton Park and make the 9,000msq site a premium city park. It is also hoped that Grafton Park will obtain green flag status – an international award that recognises well managed green spaces across the globe.

    Councillor Jenny Wilson-Marklew, Labour Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Climate & Sustainability, said: “Grafton Park is a hidden gem in the middle of the city centre that deserves to be maximised to its full potential. We are working to transform it from an overgrown and hidden space into a scenic and welcoming park full of wildlife. Grafton Park's development and enhancement is a critical flagship project that will help us become the greenest city in the world.”

    Upcoming improvements to Grafton Park include the refurbishment of public art and sculptures in the park, including the bird tower which will become a central attraction. There will also be pathways upgraded, benches and bins installed, alongside better signage to highlight Grafton Park as a central destination.

    Labour Councillor Ben Nolan, who represents CMK Ward, has spoken out in support of the plans: “It’s important that residents and businesses have access to an attractive urban park, especially as more and more people move into CMK. Having recently visited the park, I’m delighted with the progress being made already and look forward to seeing the rest of the plans come to life.”

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