Petition launched to 'end the illegal racing' on the A421 near Tattenhoe

    A Tattenhoe local resident has launched a petition aimed at Local MP Iain Stewart to try and stop what he describes as 'illegal racing' on the A421.

    The petition alleges that "every Sunday evening cars, ranging from half dozen to in excess of twenty, congregate at the Sneshall West industrial estate and proceed to race (cruise) up and down the A421 between the  'Bottledump' and 'Tattenhoe' roundabouts in Milton Keynes, cheered on by spectators parked on the roadside."

    "The participants show scant regard for road laws - racing one another amongst other traffic users in excess of speed limits and presenting significant danger to themselves and innocent road users. Aside from the obvious road dangers the residents of nearby estates including Tattenhoe have their Sunday evenings blighted by the noise."

    The petition also criticises the Police response to the incidents, describing their response as 'reactionary', and saying that the activity is only ended by the local force after someone has reported it on the 101 non-emergency line.

    Local residents are now calling upon Iain Stewart MP to work with Thames Valley Police and Milton Keynes Council to install safety cameras or other traffic calming measures.

    Kellie Graham from Tattenhoe said "It's a danger to the road users and needs to be stopped before a serious accident happens."

    Meanwhile, Amy Leon from Oldbrook added "I've driven along that road many times when there's people in the side of the road and cars racing and it's super dangerous. But it's a wider issue in MK. If it's not here then it's Grafton Street or the A5 - wherever the Police aren't."

    The petition has now gathered almost 250 signatures since it was started yesterday.

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