Passengers in Milton Keynes can travel for £2.00 single fare until December, after Stagecoach extension

    Darren Roe, Managing Director of Stagecoach East

    Following a Stagecoach extension, Milton Keynes passengers are now able travel with a single fare for the price of £2.00 until December this year.

    Passengers in Milton Keynes will continue to pay no more than £2.00 for a single bus journey on Stagecoach East services after the local bus operator announced that it has extended its participation in the government's fare cap to December 2024. 

    The news comes as results showed the improved level of reliability offered by the bus operator. It tracks its buses to compare how many miles they run in reality compared with how many they should run according to their timetable. Stagecoach East's local buses now regularly operate over 99.5% of their scheduled miles each week. 

    Meanwhile, earlier this month, figures published for the start of Better Transport Week highlighted the environmental and social benefits of travelling by bus, such as: 

    • Bus commuter add £64bn to the economy each year 
    • One double-decker bus can take up to 75 cars off our roads
    • Buses are integral to out local communities, connecting millions of people, tackling loneliness, cutting traffic and reducing air pollution
    • Buses are the UK's most used form of public transport

    Now Stagecoach East has also confirmed the value of bus travel, with the extension of the fare cap. 

    Darren Roe, Managing Director Stage of Stagecoach East said, "We are delighted that the £2.00 scheme for single fares has been extended. Roughly 81% of passengers currently buy single tickets so this is a very significant step. The bus already offers outstanding value on travel in our region, and this announcement only makes things better." 

    Roe continued, "Now is the best time ever to jump on board and make use of the great value, convenient, reliable, and environmentally friendly way to get back to work or go out to meet friends and family."

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