Partner of woman who died in Milton Keynes A5 flooded road crash agrees settlement

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    The partner of a road crash victim has agreed a cash settlement with Highways England.

    In August 2018, a mother of two died in a car crash on the A5 in Milton Keynes.

    Susan Henderson, aged 36, lost control of her car and veered into the opposite lane, crashing into another vehicle.

    Margaret Shaw, 53, the driver of the other vehicle, also died in the crash.

    Darrell Manning, partner of Susan Henderson, claimed £1.4million in damages after alleging National Highways had breached a duty of the Highways Act.

    Tom Osborne, a coroner, oversaw an inquest into Ms Henderson’s death and sent a report to 'prevent future deaths' to Highways England's chief executive.

    The report heard that inspections are conducted at speed on the road and that during inspections, a problem with a drain was not identified.

    The court heard that Ms Henderson lost control after driving into a large area of standing water and Highways England Company Ltd had "admitted liability".

    Deputy High Court Judge Margaret Obi said she was satisfied with the £850,000 settlement offer made by Highways England.

    In the coroner's report, which was published online, Osborne wrote: “Susan and Margaret died on the A5, Milton Keynes, when one car aquaplaned across the road into the path of an oncoming vehicle. 

    “Both drivers died at the scene as a result of their injuries.”

    The inquest heard how standing water had “accumulated due to blocked gullies on the side of the road."

    Mr Osbourne said in his report that action should be taken to 'prevent further deaths'.

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