Paralympian opens Milton Keynes primary school's summer fair

    Paralympian, Maisie Summers-Newton, visited Milton Keynes last week to open Monkston Primary School’s summer fair.

    British Paralympic swimmer, Maisie Summers-Newton, MBE, delighted pupils and staff when she opened Monkston Primary’s Paralympic/Olympic themed summer fair last week. The school’s annual event was the biggest yet and featured sporting events, such as archery, martial arts and obstacle courses.

    Maisie, who has recently trained to be a teacher, also gave a presentation to pupils on her personal journey on becoming a Paralympian and on the importance of being kind by positively recognising everyone’s differences.

    Thrilled that Maisie took the time during her pre-games training schedule to officially open Monkston’s fair, Headteacher, Hannah Williams said, “It was an honour to welcome a current Paralympian into our school. Those who attended all agreed that Maisie made the much-anticipated annual event extra special.”


    She continued, “Pupils were transfixed listening to her inspirational talk during an assembly and asked the athlete well-thought through questions, including how long she trains for every day and is her medal really gold. We wish Maisie the very best of luck defending her title at the Paralympics in the summer in Paris.”

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