Children's Emergency Department at Milton Keynes Hospital moves back to its original location

    Milton Keynes Hospital's Paediatric Emergency Department (PED) will be moving back to its original location this week.

    The department had temporarily moved to Milton Mouse to allow the hospital to create additional space in the Adult’s Emergency Department during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    But from midday tomorrow (16/2), the PED will be back at its original location next to the Adult's Emergency Department.

    Milton Keynes Hospital has shared a map detailing where the Paediatric Emergency Department will be. It is in the 'purple zone' of the hospital, and will be adjacent to the Adult's Emergency Department. 

    Those who need to visit the PED for emergency care before tomorrow at 12pm should visit Milton Mouse (next to the Adult’s Emergency Department). 

    And those who will visit after tomorrow at 12pm should go to the area marked on the map below (the original location). 


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