Over 32,000 people sign petition to re-open Salcey Forest Treetop Walk near Milton Keynes

    A petition to 'Save The Treetop Walk' at Salcey Forest close to Milton Keynes has now secured over 32,000 signatures, after the attraction was closed in early May.

    The Treetop Walk rises to 15 metres above the woodland floor and offers stunning views across Salcey Forest and the adjoining woodlands of Yardley Chase.

    But on May 10th, the walk was closed to the public with Health and Safety being blamed.

    Forestry Commission officials, who own the forest as well as the treetop walk, said: "The Tree Top Way is currently closed following a safety inspection that indicates we need to review a number of maintenance options."

    "At this stage we don’t know how long this closure will be for, however there is still lots to see and do at Salcey Forest, including our walking and cycling trails, The Forest Café, and the beautiful forest itself."

    A petition to re-open the walkway has now amassed over 32,000 signatures, with many local residents joining the campaign.

    Petition creator Emma Mooney said: "The treetop walk is a large part of our community and hundreds of visitors, families and walkers will now be missing the opportunity to visit the forest for this fantastic addition to the countryside."

    "We would like to urge the Forestry Commission to undertake the relevant repairs required in order to keep this well-loved attraction open."

    "The Treetop walk has only been open since 2005, and the project was placed first in the Environmental category of the British Construction Industry Awards 2006."

    The Forestry Commission are yet to comment on the petition.

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