Over 300 GP appointments missed in one month, says medical practice in Milton Keynes

    Over 100 hours were 'wasted' by missed appointments in January, a medical practice in Milton Keynes has reported.

    A Milton Keynes-based Medical Practice has released its figures for missed appointments over the course of January.

    CMK Medical Centre, a GP Practice in Bradwell Common has taken to social media to report its number of missed appointments last month.

    According to its figures, 309 appointments were missed by patients in January - with the practice stating that these numbers mean 107 hours of appointment time wasted.

    A spokesperson for CMK Medical Centre has said that 35 of the missed appointments were booked on the day of the appointment, 18 the day before booking, 9 two days before booking and 12 three days before booking.

    The figures come just weeks after the Cobbs Garden GP Practice in Olney had to close its GP list to new applications due to being unable to find enough GPs meet demand.

    It has been reported by Sky News recently that GP waiting times fell in December for the second consecutive month, with the share of people managing to secure an urgent appointment on the same day rising from 69% to 74%. Despite this, many patients in England are being left waiting months to see a consultant.

    As of November, 40% of patients seeking a diagnostic test were being forced to wait more than four weeks, with 13% waiting for over 12 weeks, the national news provider reported.

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