Olney school receives visit from Songs of Praise as town celebrates 250 years of Amazing Grace

    Songs of Praise made a visit to Olney, to celebrate 250 years of the popular hymn, Amazing Grace.

    On 1st January 1773, John Newtons hymn was first performed in St Peter and St Paul’s church in the town of Olney.

    For Olney Middle School and the rest of the town, Amazing Grace, and John Newton are key parts of its history.

    The school commemorates John Newton in a number of ways including naming one of its four houses ‘Newton’.

    All pupils also have the opportunity to visit the church and learn all about John Newton, through the ‘LifePath’ learning experience.

    This year, the school has been more widely celebrating the 250 year old hymn, and will in the summer be holding a concert in St Peter’s and St Paul’s church alongside St Vincents, a specialist school for Sensory impairment and other needs, who also hold the hymn very close to the core of their school. 

    Last term, Claire McCollum, one of the Songs of Praise, presenters visited the town. The presenter met several pupils to ask them all about what Amazing Grace means to them, and the town.

    The pupils had the opportunity to be interviewed, but also observe all the mechanics that go behind a filming shoot.

    The children also got more time to observe and see all the special features that the church has to offer celebrating the life and works of John Newton. 

    Songs of Praise aired on BBC One, at 13.15 on Sunday 8th January and can be found on iPlayer.

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