Olney resident complains over 'wrong shade of yellow' used on new town road markings

    An Olney resident has expressed their concern over the 'wrong shade of yellow' being used on newly painted double yellow lines in the town.

    The resident took to a local Facebook group to complain that the road was in a 'designated conservation area' and that a more 'subtle primrose yellow' should have been used.

    They described the colour of the new road markings as 'lurid'.

    East Street in Olney was recently resurfaced and the offending road markings have been painted over the past few days.

    A local town councillor has already reported the issue to Milton Keynes Council, and says the lines will be repainted according to 'conservation guidelines'.

    Some residents however complained that the issue was a 'first world problem' and that 'if this is all you have to worry about, your life is pretty good'.

    Judge for yourself using our photo gallery of the offending lines below:


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