Oktoberfest and Bingo Loco XXL heading to Milton Keynes this October

    Bingo Loco is teaming up with popular beer festival Oktoberfest to put on Bingo Loco XXL, their biggest ever event in Milton Keynes this October.

    The much-loved Bingo Loco and Oktoberfest events will take place in huge circus tents within Campbell Park, with thousands of people and festival level production, an ultimate 90s party soundtrack and a Grand Bier tent with endless amounts of top quality craft beer, pale ale and everything in between.

    Bingo Loco hosts hundreds of events all around the UK every year and are known for their high-energy, octane-fuelled shows which find side-splitting comedians and stage performers hosting interactive and immersive shows.

    Bingo-goers can also expect mad confetti showers, vast CO2 jets, wild dancers and plenty of throwback anthems from all across the generations served up by the trusty Bingo Loco DJs.

    Add into that the famous Oktoberfest experience which offers traditional beer tables, miles of bunting, table hosts dressed in full lederhosen and all manner of beer delights and you have an unmissable night out. 

    The bingo prizes include a huge mix of new cars, VIP Coachella experiences and 10-foot teddy bears.

    Tickets can be found here.

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