Nurseries by Gymfinity Kids launches in Milton Keynes

    Nurseries by Gymfinity Kids Launches in Milton Keynes Nurseries by Gymfinity Kids will officially open its doors in Milton Keynes this June 2019.

    The new nursery is located next to the Stadium MK (above DW Fitness First) and offers spaces to children from 2 years old. It will open five days a week from 7am-7pm for 52 weeks of the year.

    The first nursery of its kind is now open for families to visit and have personal tours to view the facilities, which include a modern rooftop garden and 14,000 sq. ft gym facilities.

    National Nursery Manager, Heidi Quiambao says, “every child that walks through our doors is unique in the way they learn, develop and grow. To make sure we deliver the perfect balance of support for each of them, we provide childcare that is rooted in our three pillars: Nourishment, Development, Movement.”

    As well as delivering a high standard of Early Years Foundation stage education, the new nursery is collaborating with expert children's Nutritionist Sarah Almond-Bushell to provide a balanced menu.

    Children's Nutritionist, Sarah says, “a nutritious, balanced diet is one of the key ingredients to a healthy lifestyle, so your little ones grow up with all the energy they need.”

    Children will also have access to the gymnastics and ninja club at Gymfinity Kids which has a wide range of traditional gymnastics equipment including beams, bars and vaults, as well as a giant foam pit, monkey bars and trampolines.

    Nursery Staff have already been busy ahead of the opening, Milton Keynes Nursery Manager, Zoe Miles, says, “all our staff have undertaken many hours of training and are committed to enriching self-esteem, building confidence and nurturing children day in day out whilst delivering our innovative curriculum.”

    Milton Keynes will be the 1st Nurseries by Gymfinity Kids to open in the UK.

    Spaces are limited, for further details on Nurseries by Gymfinity Kids visit the website or call: 01908 032050.

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