Nun Better than a Feel Good Musical

    The entertaining much-loved musical ‘Sister Act’ was performed to eager audiences at Denbigh School’s annual production.

    Sister Act tells the story of Deloris, a lounge singer, who witnesses her boyfriend killing a man and who then hides in a convent for her own safety and it was performed at Denbigh School’s annual production.

    Staged over three nights, with an extra performance for senior residents and local primary school children, the show gave the females cast members the opportunity to act in central roles, that had a real feel good factor.

    Attending on the last night, Headteacher Andy Squires says, “You can’t help smiling watching a musical like Sister Act. The cast of Denbigh students gave their all with the comedic elements of the show and they had the audience rocking along with the many jubilant songs.

    “The Performing Arts Faculty and the parents who supported the students should also be applauded for their tireless support.”  


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