Northern lights seen over Milton Keynes

    Image credit: @DempseyLyn on Twitter

    Vivid red and green lights could be seen in the skies over Milton Keynes during a rare Aurora Borealis display across UK last night.

    Clear skies over Milton Keynes last night meant that residents could see the rare sight.

    The Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, are usually seen in regions with high latitude, close to the Arctic - such as Scandinavian countries. 

    It is very rare for the sight to be seen from the UK, with Scotland and Northern England being the most likely to have the chance to see it.

    Sightings were reported all over UK last night, with people in Milton Keynes capturing the sights.

    Reports say it could be seen as southern in England as Cornwall.

    One Milton Keynes resident, Lyn, managed to catch a shot of the red and and green lights over the Grand Union Canal at 9:30pm.

    The Met Office explained that a coronal hole high speed stream arrived during the evening, combined with a rather fast coronal mass ejection leading to the Aurora sightings across the UK.

    "The Aurora Borealis may be visible as far south as central England where skies remain clear," The Met Office said.

    "The Northern Lights are also likely to be seen again on Monday night."

    The lowest part of an Aurora is usually around 80 miles from Earth's surface, according to the Royal Museums Greenwich.

    The top could be many hundreds of miles above Earth.

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