'No further action' against former Local Police Commander and Police unable to reveal cost of investigation to date

    Thames Valley Police have said they will be taking 'no further action' against a suspended officer at Superintendent level, and that they are unable to disclose the cost of the investigation to date.

    The officer involved in the case, whom MKFM understands is the former Milton Keynes Local Police Area Commander Gez Chiariello, will see 'no further action' after a Crown Prosecution Service decision concluded that there was insufficient evidence to proceed at this stage.

    A misconduct hearing against Mr Chiariello scheduled to start this week has also been suspended, with local Police confirming a date has not been set for the hearing.

    Thames Valley Police responded to a Freedom of Information request enquiring as to the cost of the investigation by saying: "No information held. Thames Valley Police can confirm that cost information pertaining to individual Professional Standards investigations are not held as a matter of course."

    "Professional Standards Investigations are not a cost recorded and are undertaken as a matter of daily duty."

    Chiariello was arrested on 25th September in connection with this case and has now been released without charge. The recent arrest was into offences of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and harassment.

    The ongoing misconduct investigation, which has been underway for the majority of this year, continues.

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