NHS urges people to continue donating blood

    It is still safe, and important, to give blood, the NHS have urged.

    NHS Blood and Transplant centres remain open, with extra safety measures put in place to allow donors to give blood despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Centres will accept any donor who is feeling well and free of fever and respiratory symptoms. A cough won’t stop you donating if you are otherwise well.

    Anybody who is feeling unwell or experiencing any of the symptoms of the Coronavirus should not donate. Neither should those aged over 70 or with vulnerable health.

    If you are/have been in self-isolation or household isolation you must wait 14 days from the first day of isolation and 14 days from when your symptoms settle.

    Where can I donate in Milton Keynes?

    - Church Christ Cornerstone Church in CMK

    - Lovat Hall in Newport Pagnell

    - Masonic Centre in Bletchley 

    - MK Christian Centre in Oldbrook

    - Walton Hall at the Open University

    - The Ridgeway Centre in Wolverton Mill

    - Broughton Pavilion in Broughton

    To choose a time slot and register to donate at one of the above donation banks, please click here

    FAQ's for donors (taken from www.blood.co.uk) - 

    If you are aged 70 or over? If you are self isolating as advised by the government then please do not attend session and cancel your appointment. 

    Do you test for coronavirus? There is no requirement to test for SARS-CoV-2. Coronaviruses are a family of viruses. There is no evidence of any type of coronavirus being transmitted through blood donation.

    Can you get coronavirus through blood donation? There is no evidence of any type of coronavirus being transmitted through blood donation.

    Should I attend session alone? Please help make donation safer by coming to donate alone. We understand that some people will have childcare responsibilities, but at this time we ask that children only accompany parents when there is no other option.

    Should I attend as government announce social distancing?  We still need you to attend donation sessions as the announcement only covered non-essential travel and distancing such as pubs, clubs and theatres as blood donation is essential. Please keep donating blood.

    What precautions are being used at session? Extra safety measures are in place. Our teams are trained in thorough universal hygiene precautions to prevent the spread of all infections. These include regular handwashing, wiping down donor-touched areas, using sterile collection sets for every donation, and preparing the arm with an aseptic cleanser. We have handwashing stations and handgels on session, with supporting posters. We’re asking people to follow the latest travel advice. We’re constantly reviewing the latest information and putting in place measures where needed. Safety is always our number one priority.
    Precautions at session when waiting with other donors in waiting area and refreshment are? Safety is always our number one priority. We are finalising plans to triage donors on arrival to a session before donors get to the waiting area and we will start introducing them in the next few days.

    Are you asking staff to wear facemasks? We are following PHE guidance which is not to wear facemasks.  Facemasks are only recommended to be worn by symptomatic individuals (advised by a healthcare worker) to reduce the risk of transmitting the infection to other people.  PHE recommends that the best way to reduce any risk of infection is good hygiene and avoiding direct or close contact (closer than 2 metres) with any potentially infected person. 

    For more information visit www.blood.co.uk.


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