New Willen Lake Splash 'n' Play charges cause controversy

    A brand new Splash Park at Willen Lake is causing controversy locally after it was revealed that there will be a charge of £3 for 25 minutes use.

    The new Splash ‘n’ Play park is due to open on Saturday 15th July 2017. The new park is set to cover 1000m², which will make it one of the UK’s largest outdoor splash parks.

    But many users have reported they are unhappy with the charges for the park, with many suggesting that similar features in other parts of the country are free to use.

    Facebook user Jody Morgan said "£3 for 25 minutes is ridiculous. So not only do you have to pay to park at Willen Lake, you have to pay to enter that also. I can understand paying to keep the facilities looked after if it was for a whole day or even half day sessions but for 25 minutes I do not think that is reasonable. I would rather drive further and attend Leighton Buzzard where parking and facilities are free."

    Meanwhile, Vicki Cahill said "[This is] the most ridiculous thing I've read. £3 for 25 minutes? It's more cost effective to get a train to Leighton and enjoy it free all day. I can see this being a big disappointment and a waste of money."

    Stevie Jones said "When we all signed the petition for a splash park we meant a free one, [we] will continue to drive 15 mins to the free one at Leighton. Yet another costly day out in MK."

    Information about the new facilty was released to the media yesterday by The Parks Trust, who manage most parks across our city.

    Rob Wood, General Manager for Willen Lake, said "Since we announced the development at Willen Lake, we’ve been inundated by people wanting to find out more about Splash ‘n’ Play. We’re sure it will prove very popular; it’s going to be packed with features for children of all ages to enjoy, in the beautiful surroundings of Willen Lake.

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