New play trail co-developed by local school children being installed at Milton Keynes manor park

    The Parks Trust is welcoming some new arrivals to Great Linford Manor Park.

    Funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund has gone towards a brand new sculptural play trail is being installed at Great Linford Manor Park.

    Local school children helped develop the new play trail to help provide more varied options for playing in the park.

    The new trail runs all the way through the park and features play objects that intepret the heritage of the park through children's eyes.

    The chainsaw-carved sheep were made by Luke Chapman.

    Features of the trail will include a carved serpent (a favourite from the children's workshop), wooden flower buds in the meadow (interpreting the Church Meadow), a metal horseshoe trail (interpreting the horse-drawn canal boats) and more.

    It is currently being installed and The Parks Trust will announce when everything is ready to use.

    You can find out more here.

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