New MK venture leaves you floating on a cloud

    A new family owned business in Crownhill launches on Friday 9 December and is set to bring a new dimension of relaxation to people in Milton Keynes.

    The Mayor and Mayoress of Milton Keynes were invited to be the first to see the new venture at the weekend.

    Floatation Life is one of just a few floatation therapy centres in the UK – the latest trend in alternative therapy through sensory deprivation that allows people to disconnect from the intense digital lifestyle.

    Floatation Life has two of the most advanced floatation tanks in the world. Each tank is filled to just 10-inches in depth of water containing 25% solution of Epsom salts (Magnesium Sulphate) – more than the Dead Sea –allowing the body to float and reach a sense of complete relaxation.

    “There is no experience like it,” says Natalie Welham, Centre Manager of Floatation Life. She adds: “The tanks are extremely large and, once inside, you lay back, relax and simply float. This sensation removes any pressure points on the body and gives nearly the same sensation as being gravity free.

    “Technology today means that we’re constantly on the go, always reachable and can hardly ever escape from the pressures of modern life. The need to disconnect is more important than ever and the Floatation Life experience from start to finish gives just that.”

    On arrival, customers are invited to remove their shoes as the journey begins. The private floatation rooms can be found at the end of a softly lit corridor where guests can change and get into their tank. The one hour float begins.

    Some people fall asleep and others just rest and let their mind wonder,” Natalie adds. “We have already take dozens of bookings even before we’re officially open and the support in Milton Keynes has been fantastic. We can wait to fully showcase Floatation Life.”

    After the experience, guests have their own private shower and changing facilities as well as a vanity room with hairdryers and mirrors. The journey ends in the post-float relaxation room, where guests can rehydrate on massage chairs, listen the relaxation music and even pick up a colouring book.

    On Friday 9, Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December, Floatation Life is holding an exclusive open day where people can book to visit the centre and receive exclusive discounts on these days only - a floatation experience for £33 instead of the normal £48. Book a 15 minute visit by calling the team on 01908 969470.

    The Floatation experience lasts 1 hour 30 minutes for new customers. Visit for more details or call the team on 01908 969470.

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