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    New Milton Keynes tower block will be two and a half times the size of Hotel La Tour


    A new tower block planned for Central Milton Keynes is set to be two and a half times the height of Hotel La Tour.

    A £180 million mixed-use scheme is set to be built as part of the regeneration of Saxon Court in Milton Keynes featuring a 32-storey tower called 'The Village'.

    'The Village' will be two and a half times the height of Hotel La Tour, Milton Keynes' current tallest building which opened in 2021, says Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners.

    Under the MK Gateway plans, the scheme will see the development of two new buildings; the Shed, a space for local businesses to make and create as well as The Village.

    According to the planning application granted by MK City Council, the regeneration of Saxon Court under the scheme will be made of 288 new homes for rent, of which 31% will be affordable.

    More information on The Village can be found

    Barry Jessup, chief executive of First Base, which is developing the scheme with Patron Capital, said: "Working with renowned architecture practice RSHP, we have created a new model for post-Covid urban living which blends wellbeing-focused workspace and the UK’s first build-to-rent homes that are connected by multi-level gardens, all set around a new a public courtyard, green spaces and biodiversity."

    RSHP senior design partner Ivan Harbour had previously said of the scheme: "Together [with our clients], we have conceived an urban destination that offers a blueprint for the sustainable workplace post Covid-19, for high-density neighbourly living, for creativity and for a rich and diverse public realm in the spirit of Central Milton Keynes’ vision for 'a space for everyone', taken from The City Club in the 1970s".

    Please note that this article was first published in December 2021.

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