New KFC to come to Milton Keynes after plans approved

    Milton Keynes Council has approved plans for a new KFC with a drive-thru on Elmswell Gate Towergate, Wavendon.

    The KFC will be next to the Vauxhall garage and will including a drive-thru and 37 parking spaces including 2 disabled bays. 

    The new restaurant will bring 35 new jobs to the city with 15 full-time and 20 part-time staff to be employed at the site.

    The plans were met with some opposition from local residents who were concerned about the impact KFC could have on the area, citing the potential for a rise in crime, littering and traffic.

    Those who opposed the restaurant believed that empty units at nearby Kingston would be a more suitable option for the company.

    One resident stated: "This goes without saying, that it is baffling as to why this site was chosen when there are currently numerous units available in the Kingston Centre (and other nearby centres), surely much better suited to a KFC restaurant (infrastructurally, economically, etc.)."

    However, KFC argued in their planning permission application that it would enhance the area and bring new jobs.

    They said: "The proposed development will enhance and improve this undeveloped site providing a high-quality development adding visual interest and employment." 

    The planning officers choose to approve the restaurant with the opening hours of 7.30 am till 11 pm Monday to Saturday and 8.30 am till 10 pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays. 

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