Milton Keynes North and South put in Labour's Top 30 target seats

    New research undertaken by the website has revealed that both Milton Keynes constituencies are now in the top 30 targets for the Labour Party at the next election.

    Milton Keynes South is number 26 on the target list, with just a 1.34% swing from the Conservatives to Labour required for Hannah O'Neill to take the seat from re-elected MP Iain Stewart.

    Meanwhile, Milton Keynes North sits at number 30 on the list of Labour target seats, with a 1.5% swing towards Labour needed for Charlynne Pullen to unseat Mark Lancaster MP.

    The new figures are in stark contrast to the positions of the two seats prior to the General Election, where both Milton Keynes North and South enjoyed Conservative majorities of over 8,500.

    Elsewhere, the number 1 Labour target seat in the UK has been revealed as Southampton Itchen, where a swing of only 0.03% would see a Labour MP elected.

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