New delivery robots arrive in Milton Keynes following successful trials

    PeykBot has arrived in Milton Keynes following successful trials in 5 countries.

    PeykBot has initiated trials, participated in the MK Robotics Competition and collaborated with centre:mk for zero emissions robotic delivery, and now, the robots are out and about across the city.

    Peyk has officially commenced trials for the UK launch of their first delivery product: PeykBot.  The robot is designed to provide autonomy in last-mile deliveries, and is a major milestone for Peyk in their mission to bring innovation to the delivery sector. 

    Salman Moghimi, Founder and CEO of Peyk, says, “We are very happy to be the first British delivery platform to diversify into designing and manufacturing delivery robots. PeykBot has been deployed across Milton Keynes this month after our successful trials in 5 countries over the course of 12 months.”

    With the aim to utilise the Milton Keynes start-up friendly environment, PeykBot has been invited by the local council to participate in the EU robotics challenge and has collaborated with centre:mk to offer further opportunities within their logistics ecosystem.

    Peykbot joins MK's much-loved Starship robots delivering in the city. Starship robots were introduced to Milton Keynes 5 years ago and have since been introduced to other areas of the country following their success in the city.

    Using a combination of artificial intelligence and high-tech sensors, PeykBot is able to detect authorised driving routes, including side roads and pavements. 

    The all-terrain chassis and latest technology of honeycomb wheels provides smooth and quiet deliveries in any weather. 

    Each PeykBot is also equipped with industry graded night lighting, as well as indicators.

    PeykBot also offers the opportunity for businesses to build brand awareness through marketing partnerships.  Each unit is fully customisable, so can feature any business’s colour and branding.  

    As well as the robots, Peyk have developed a web-enabled platform that allows any PeykBot operator to identify and track the status of their robot during a delivery. In case of an emergency, the operator also has the ability to remotely control each unit. 

    PeykBot was initially trialled in Msheireb, Qatar and has now completed deliveries in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq. It aims to commute within newly developed sustainable cities across the gulf region.

    With the expanding Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) within Greater London, Peyk is committed to helping reduce carbon emissions in the capital.  Currently, 80% of Peyk’s delivery force are on bicycles, and the new PeykBot was designed to deliver parcels without producing a single Co2 emission.

    Peyk was founded by Salman Moghimi in 2018, following his own difficult experience trying to send a package across London.  Today, Peyk has almost 7,000 freelance drivers and 30+ autonomous robots ready to collect packages within 20 minutes of an order being placed – the quickest pick-up time across companies in London. 

    After fundraising £1.2m in 2021, the company were able to focus their efforts on bringing new technology to the logistics market.

    Salman says, “it is truly remarkable to see that an idea that I had post-covid has quickly turned into a reality.  With the help of my amazing team and the commitment of all of us, we have quickly made the robot project operational.”

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