Multi-million pound deal moves 52 new jobs to Milton Keynes

    Fifty-two new jobs are moving to Milton Keynes following the latest takeover from Linford Wood-based, Silverbug. 

    Business-to-business managed IT solutions and support company, Silverbug, has acquired Paralogic of Aylesbury in a multimillion-pound deal.  

    The newly merged company will continue to be headquartered in Milton Keynes with offices around the globe in London, Wakefield, Wolverhampton, New York and Houston in the United States and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

    Silverbug Managing Director, Dan Bland, says, This will be great news for our customers as pooling the skills, services and resources of the two companies will give them access to 24 hour a day, 365 days a year engineering support. 

    With really talented and skilled staff so difficult to come by, putting these businesses together isn’t just about gaining market share but also some great people.  Customers of both companies will still hear the same voices on the end of the phone; the only difference they should notice is an increase in the services we can offer.”

    Dan believes Milton Keynes is the perfect place for growing tech companies like Silverbug. 

    Dan said: “We’re ideally placed in the middle of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc where government plans to drive investment in the next few years.  The city’s predicted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research to have the strongest growth in the country in the coming months. 

    "There are more new businesses springing up here than anywhere else in the UK, and they will all need the kinds of tech functions we are ideally placed to provide.  It’s a hive of innovation and a terrific location from a business perspective. 

    "There’s a very young, vibrant feel to the place from a tech perspective and you can see from the level of companies being drawn here in recent years that we’re not the only people to think so.”

    Company founder Adam Plant will joining the merged business, he said: “These are exciting times for everyone involved with the business, especially with the opportunities this merger will provide for both clients and staff.  Being part of a bigger group will enable us to expand the range of services we offer, particularly in security - an area in which Silverbug excels.”

    The company is also looking to the next generation, having taken on five local young people as apprentices in the past two months.

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