More than three quarters of over-40s polled in Milton Keynes plan to get their boosters when eligible

    More than three quarters of over 40s polled by Milton Keynes Council say they’re are intending to get their COVID-19 booster vaccination as soon as possible.

    This week, the booster jabs rollout was extended to over-40s and second doses recommended for 16 and 17 year olds.

    As of Monday 15th, some 12.6 million people in the country have had a third COVID-19 jab.

    Milton Keynes Council ran a poll among its social media followers to ask how likely local people were to seek a booster.

    77% said they intended to have a booster vaccination as soon as they could do so.

    An additional 11% said they would do it at some point.

    The remaining 12% weren’t sure of their plans or said they didn’t plan to be boosted.

    Deputy Director of Public Health for Milton Keynes, Oliver Mytton said: “I urge people to come forward for their booster, as vaccination remains the single biggest thing you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19. A booster dose isn’t just a nice to have, they are transformative. The protection after a booster dose is better than it ever was after two doses.”

    “However, it’s still possible to catch and spread COVID-19 even if you’re fully vaccinated, and the risk is higher in crowded and poorly ventilated places; exactly where people will be spending time as they socialise or run their pre-Christmas errands.

    "It’s really important to keep taking precautions like wearing a face covering, taking regular tests even if you feel well, and making sure you properly ventilate indoor spaces when meeting with others.”

    According to a recent study, people who had a booster jab were four times less likely to test positive for COVID compared with those who had received two jabs more than five months ago.

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