MKFM starts work on installing two new FM transmitters in Bletchley and Wolverton

    Ofcom, the government's broadcasting regulator, has granted MKFM two additional transmitter sites in Bletchley and Wolverton.

    This comes as the latest figures show that more people turned to MKFM for local information during the pandemic than ever before.

    And with life beginning to get back to normal, work has started on improving our FM signal on the boundaries of Milton Keynes. This is to ensure that we reach the areas that are fast expanding such as Newton Leys, Woburn Downs, Whitehouse as well as the many villages out the outskirts of our area.

    MKFM has been broadcasting on DAB Digital Radio since 2013 across Herts, Beds and Bucks and on 106.3FM from Central Milton Keynes since 2015.

    During the pandemic, radio has never been more important with MKFM seeing a massive spike in listeners and online followers.

    Darren Dorrington, CEO of MKFM, said: "With the growth that we are seeing in Milton Keynes, it is fantastic that Ofcom has granted us these two additional sites. Even though more and more people are listening on DAB Digital Radio and Smart Speakers at home, many listeners still only have access to FM in their cars. Listeners will soon be able to travel from one side of Milton Keynes to the other with their car radios automatically switching to MKFM’s nearest transmitter."

    Test transmissions have already started from Stadium MK on 102.1FM in Bletchley, with the transmitter expected to be fully installed and on full power by the end of the month. Once this work has been completed it is expected that Wolverton will follow by the end of October.

    If you have any problems or need help listening to MKFM, please email our engineers via

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