MKFM presenter skydives for Milton Keynes cancer charity

    MKFM presenter Simon Tuck jumped from a plane in a sponsored skydive for Milton Keynes-based Al's Pal's.

    Als Pals is a local cancer charity within the Cancer Centre at Milton Keynes University Hospital.

    The service was named after one of Milton Keynes University Hospital’s patients Alan Dumbell and is a 'buddy' scheme that offers general support throughout the patient and their family's cancer journey. 

    Despite being scared of heights, MKFM presenter Simon Tuck faced his fears and jumped from a plane yesterday (7/8), in a bid to raise funds for the local charity.

    "I can't believe conquered a fear for an amazing Charity Als Pals," he said. "I hope facing mine helps them help others face theirs with Cancer.

    "In the plane I was a nervous wreck. Legs and body dangling from the plane was an unreal experience. Free falling at 120mph was surreal!

    "Simply do this once."

    Over £1,000 has been raised by the radio presenter so far.

    You can find Simon's fundraising page here.

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